All applicants must produce evidence of sustained activity over the previous three years, in one or more of the following areas:

a) Daily/periodical press, or broadcasting on radio, TV or video, or in the electronic media

b) Publication of works of art history, aesthetics or criticism

c) Teaching of art criticism, art history, aesthetics, curating, or art, at higher or tertiary level

Membership is open those who live, or have lived, on the island of Ireland.

Applicants for membership must be proposed and seconded by existing members.

Former members may re-apply for membership without being proposed and seconded, but may be required to furnish evidence of having undertaken recent qualifying activities.

All applications must be accompanied by a short curriculum vitae on a standard biographical form, written in one of the three official languages of the Association. The application form is available here.
AICA Ireland is one of 63 National Sections of AICA International.

All AICA members are members of either a National Section or the Open Section.

AICA is affiliated with UNESCO as a non-governmental organisation since the late 1940s and is the recognised professional organisation in the field of art criticism.

Further information about AICA and the history of the organisation is available here.
All members receive an AICA Press Card.

The AICA Press Card provides free and unlimited access and professional courtesy to AICA members attending museums and art institutions worldwide. The card is only valid with a membership sticker indicating the current year.

More information is available here.
The current annual subscription fee for elected members is €50.