01 Mar

Name: The name shall be AICA Ireland Purposes: the purpose of AICA Ireland shall be (a)  to encourage the practice of critical interpretation of the visual arts with the community of critics and artists; (b) to foster public knowledge and understanding of the visual arts; (c) to seek co-operation with other bodies that share these aims in whole or in part; (d) to protect the ethical and professional interests of art critics and co-operate in defending the rights of its members.

Activities: AICA Ireland shall from time to time corporately determine and carry out activities and events  that further the above purposes.

Meetings: AICA Ireland shall meet at least four times a year on days determined as the first Thursday following quarter day, save what would be the December meeting, which will be held in January; and at other times as members shall decide. A quorum shall be not less than two of the three officers and four ordinary members. One of the statutory meetings shall be the Annual General Meeting.

Annual General Meeting: Notice of the A.G.M. shall be given in writing at least three weeks before its date, even though the date is known in advance of this. Motions for debate must be submitted in writing at least ten days before the A.G.M. Nominations for officers and committee members, whose prior consent to be nominated must be furnished, must  be submitted in writing before the circulation of notice of the AGM. The agenda shall include reports from the officers. The A.G.M. may by a simple majority request an audit of the accounts by a qualified auditor. In general, the A.G.M. shall be the March meeting.

Officers and Committee: (a) AICA Ireland shall be governed by an executive committee consisting of a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, elected by and accountable to an Annual General Meeting. Their duties shall be those ordinarily understood to be proper to their functions. Two further  executive committee members shall be elected  from the membership. In the event of a meeting taking place in the absence of the President, an acting chairperson shall be elected from those present for the duration of that meeting. Postal and email voting for the election of officers and committee is permissible. A voting paper will be circulated containing the names of candidates duly nominated for any posts. This will accompany Notice of the A.G.M. the voting paper shall be completed and returned to a designated Returning Officer, by those members wishing to vote by post. (b) The President shall be elected for a three-year term and may be re-elected for a second two-year term. A new President must be elected  before an outgoing President may stand again. (c) The other Officers and Committee members must submit their resignations at each A.G.M., but may stand for re-election without restriction.

Membership: (a) membership shall be open to those who live, or have lived, on the island of Ireland, and who undertake activities that answer the above Purposes. (b) Applicants for membership must be proposed and seconded by existing members, and may be required to furnish evidence of having taken recent activities that show them to be identifiable under the Purposes of AICA Ireland. (c) Former members may re-apply for membership without being proposed and seconded, but may be required to furnish evidence of having taken recent activities that shows them to be identifiable under the Purposes of AICA. (d) The Committee, on the recommendation of the A.G.M. may appoint honorary members-eminent personalities who assisted  the Section on a national level or who have distinguished themselves in the service of art.

Subscription: The annual subscription for the coming year shall be fixed at each A.G.M. and shall be effective from the 1st January subsequent to A.G.M. members who do not renew their subscription by 1st March shall be deemed to have relinquished membership for the year.

Legal Status: The Legal Status of AICA Ireland shall be that of an Unincorporated Society.

Procedure: These Articles of Procedure, having been adopted by the Annual General Meeting, form the basis of intra vires activities by AICA Ireland. They may be amended at Annual General Meeting by a simple majority. Association Internationale Des Critiques D'Art: In the event of any of these provisions, or activities carried out under them, being in conflict with the constitution, rules or standing orders of the international body, the latter will prevail. The President of AICA Ireland shall be the liaison with the international body. New members shall be given a copy of these articles.

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